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FLEXIBLE LEARNING OPTIONS (FLOs) MODULE 3 - Session 2. Purpose T. 524524 The seminar started with a fervent prayer led by Master Teacher Ma'am Lilibeth F. Gaban followed by the singing of Makabayang Awit, "Bayan Ko.". Your qualities underlie the values that you hold dear. MODULE 2: THE FILIPINO TEACHER Contents I. This pre-test is to find out how aware you are of the provisions of law covering teachers as professionals and personal welfare to which you are entitled. This module brings you to a clear and realistic perception of yourself. Becoming an authentic person requires that Through this module, inductees should be able to: Module 2 Gearing up for the School Year, Module 3 Starting off as a DepEd Teacher, Module 2 Navigating the K to 12 Curriculum Guides, Module 4 Implementing Learning Plans and Enriching Teaching Practice, Module 1 Achieving Teacher Quality through PPST, Module 2 Embedding the PPST in HR Systems, Module 3 The Results-based Performance Management System (RPMS), Module 1 Teaching with the Context in Mind, Module 2 Building Relationships with the Wider School Community, Module 1 DepEd Organizational Structure and Processes, Module 1 Salaries, Wages, and Benefits of Teachers, Module 2 Continuing Professional Development, Module 3 Policies on Promotion and Opportunities for Progression, Module 4 Personal Development and Wellbeing. It guides them on how to use the curriculum guide and apply skills in curriculum and planning. Teacher Leo creates activities to make sure that learners and teachers access the place where reading materials and learn- ing . personal and professional success. Remember, we are not always what we think we are. appropriate instructional plan. through self-reflection. It recognizes the importance of teachers Attitudes and Emotions In most situations, you are likely to behave according Emotional Difficulties 2. Teacher Induction Program Module 2 With Answer | full. If you'd like a soft copy of the whole TIP course 1 answer sheet, please send us an email.You have the option of editing or rewriting the response. Edit teacher induction program 2022 answer key pdf form. anticipating our own reactions easier. At the start, you will find a pretest which will simply determine your entry behavior or find out if you are ready to take the module. This module will also help teachers to better understand the whys and the hows of offering learning programs that are responsive to the needs of the learners. D Question 2 Using data for Woo Enterprises, compute for variance (round off to 4 decimal places) D Question 3 Using data for Woo Enterprises, compute for standard deviation (round off to 4, 1. Do you demonstrate that learning is of #tip #ipbt #module2 #teachersinductionprogramanswers #depedteachersFor free soft copy of our learning materials, kindly message us to our FB Page't forget to like, subscribe \u0026 share our YouTube and FB PageWatch our other videos here. This module focuses on you, the Filipino teacher. Asking for feedback Submit Close. conscious knowledge about ones self, about ones beliefs, assumptions, organizing Good teachers are alike Download Now - Deped Tambayan PH - Facebook, Teacher - Induction - Program - Module - 1 - Final Version (With Answer), Download Teacher Induction Program (module 2- The Filipino Teacher), Teacher Induction Program Module 2 Answer Key Doc. 10 The Teacher Induction Program - Course 1. The road to lifelong learning and commitment began on the 5th of October which was a remarkable day for the newly hired teachers. Where Can I Find The Answer Keys To Pearson Education Geometry? progress of your personal improvement plan. MODULE 2. Self-awareness is directly related to both emotional intelligence and success. subject? 3. 0 ). If you'd like a soft copy of the whole TIP course 1 answer sheet, please send us an email.You have the option of editing or rewriting the response. 2. As a teacher, in what area/s do I feel I need improvement? sources? Facilitates practical classroom application The TIP has 6 courses that support all newly hired teachers to become more familiar with: Write your answer on the space provided. tendencies. What is the importance of moral principles in the pandemic period? and career as a teacher and a teacher-leader. -, Enhanced Teacher Induction Program (TIP) Course Books, 2019 DepEd Teacher Induction Program (TIP) - TeacherPH, Teacher Induction Program | P Villanueva ES - DepEd Pasay City, Teacher Induction Program_Module 2 V1.0 - Documents - NeeDoc.Net, Teacher Induction Program (TIP) - Department Of Education. Respondents of the study, chosen through stratified random sampling, are the 103 nationally-funded teachers from the select five junior high schools covering the five districts of DepEd City of Malolos. This course emphasizes the value of teachers professional and personal development. in order to be rewarded, emphasize what you expect from them, and recognize their You may also recognize trends in how you are feeling which - Objectives. A number `of sections under the Magna Carta for Public School Teachers are also presented. Download Teacher Induction Program Module 2 With Answer: FileName. Grounded on the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) of Ajzen (1985& 2002) that explains individual decision-making processes, this study was conducted to primarily answer: How do teachers levels of job satisfaction and professional competencies significantly affect their financial literacy skills and practices? Answer key to SCQ's and activities 76. The Delivery provides teachers with a multi-modal delivery platform that supports the curriculum. 3263 kb/s. anjilyn manongsong. We are here to help - please use the search box below. aligned to objectives of the lesson? assessment for personal and professional development. Professional Development. PTI: 7.4 Develop a personal This course includes discussions on exemplars and on the preparation of lesson plans that explicitly show evidence of quality practice as means of verification (MOV) in the RPMS. - Objectives: There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. admire these people? Share your discoveries about yourself with a improve practice towards career advancement based on set professional development goals. FLEXIBLE LEARNING OPTIONS (FLOs) MODULE 3 - Session 2 i. session 1: community as a resource in the teaching-learning processs desired learning outcomes beginning teacher indicators (btis) proficient teacher indicators (ptis) 6.1.1: demonstrate an understanding of knowledge of learning environments that are responsive to community contexts 6.2.1 seek advice concerning strategies that build . Thank you to Kimberly Maich, and colleagues, for sharing these highlights from their article, A Relaxation Station for Every Location. Think about how many times you have set a goal and, for one reason or another, maintain their faith and respect, show dedication to them, appeal to their hopes and Explicit teaching is teacher-centered. standards of learners' behavior? 2. vision, use appropriate symbols and images to help others focus on their work, 10231. TEACHER INDUCTION PROGRAM. Get started on your relaxation station today. Realizing the Potential of Qualitative Designs: A Conceptual Guide for Research and Practice, Using the Principles of Adult Learning to Facilitate Self-Directed Dissertation Writing. 2. 886, S. 2022 - Child Protection Unit (CPU) 30th National Children's Culminating Program. This course will capacitate you in planning and developing lessons aligned with the K to 12 Curriculum. Item 1 In the case below, the original source material is given along with a sample of student work. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION. you? 8. Supports the principles of adult learning 3. Technical and vocational education and training in the twenty-first century: new roles and challenges for guidance and counselling, Philosophical Foundation of teaching practices- Development of material for self-evaluation of one's philosophy towards teaching, Alabama Physical Education Instructional Guide A Companion Guide to the 2009 Alabama Course of Study: Physical Education, Physics Teaching Mediated By Google Classroom, International Service-Learning and Experiential Education: Reframing a Putney Student Travel Service-Learning Program in the Dominican Republic, 6th ICSS 2015 Proceedings Book Vol 4 Draft 3, White Like Me: Immersive Learning In Community Engagement. This course helps teachers review and align their personal philosophy of teaching with the DepEds vision, mission, core values, and strategic directions. After taking the quiz, take a screenshot of the window showing the course number, your name, and your score. that is tolerant of seemingly extreme positions, and nurture people to question their Do you create a healthy psychological It helps you create achievable goals because you can consider your strengths, Promote contextualized and responsive understanding of the PPST, Support the principles of inclusive education and self-directed learning, Utilize scenario-based approach towards a more meaningful completion of the TIP courses, Strengthened linkages and harmonized resources, Promotes contextualized understanding of the PPST, Supports the principles of adult learning, Facilitates practical classroom application, Relevant laws; DepEds vision, mission, and core values; organizational structure, DepEd calendar, administrative guidelines, processes, routines, lesson planning, classroom management, and standardized forms, Expected teacher practice based on the PPST and PPST-aligned systems and tools, Professional engagement with the wider education community, Practices towards teacher well-being, guidelines, processes, and required levels of practice for career progression, adopt practices that uphold the dignity of teaching as a profession by exhibiting qualities aligned with the DepEds vision, mission, core values, and strategic directions (7.2.2), establish safe and secure learning environments through the implementation of DepEd and school policies, guidelines, and procedures on the preparation, start, and daily management of classes (2.1.2), plan and manage administrative, teaching, and learning processes through efficient lesson planning and accomplishment of school forms, and compliance with DepEds policy and guidelines on lesson preparation (4.1.2), manage learner behavior constructively by applying positive and non-violent discipline (2.6.2), comply with the policy guidelines in the implementation of the K to 12 curriculum, plan, manage, and implement developmentally sequenced teaching and learning process aligned with the K to 12 curriculum and DepEd performance management system (4.1.2), set achievable and appropriate learning outcomes that are aligned with learning competencies as specified in the K to 12 curriculum guide/s (4.2.2), select, develop, organize and use appropriate teaching and learning resources to address learning goals (4.5.2), set professional development goals based on the Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers by having a clear understanding of the standards and its aligned systems and tools (7.5.2), develop a deeper understanding of the expectations from teachers as described in the PPST, use PPST-aligned tools in developing their teaching practices as defined by the PPST, build relationships with parents/guardians and the wider school community to engage them in the educative process (6.2.2), maintain learning environments that are responsive to learners needs based on the wider school community contexts (6.1.2), comply with and implement school policies and procedures to foster harmonious relationships with learners, parents, and other stakeholders (6.4.2), plan and deliver teaching strategies that are responsive to the needs of learners as influenced by the community context and when under difficult circumstances (3.4.2), adapt and use culturally appropriate teaching strategies to address the needs of learners from specific community contexts, including learners from indigenous groups (3.5.2), demonstrate understanding of how the different offices and bureaus work to support DepEd in accomplishing its vision and mission, demonstrate understanding of the details of teachers salaries, incentives, and other benefits, be familiar, and eventually comply with the guidelines on continuing professional development, career progression, and promotion, participate in professional networks to share knowledge and to enhance practice towards continuing professional development (7.3.2), adopt practices that uphold the dignity of teaching as a profession through professional and personal development (7.2.2). - Desired Learning Outcomes However, you can reprogram your unconscious mind to have the same levels of values, beliefs, desires and wishes as your conscious mind.When both levels of consciousness converge with the same vision, you can attract the exact outcomes you want.In order to manifest the change you read about, you have to teach your unconscious mind what your conscious mind now knows.The conscious mind is the seat of your consciousness, that's who you are.We are not our behaviour, our actions only show what we've been through not who we are. This DepEd order provides guidelines on the . This Domain expects teachers to identify and respond to opportunities that link teaching and learning in the classroom to the experiences, interests and aspirations of the wider school community and other key stakeholders. However, the DLP developed by the teacher can be used in a demonstration teaching activity during the district or division INSET to be checked by peers and subject specialists in terms of the appropriateness of the content and delivery style of the teacher. The teacher will also identify learning programs implemented or offered in his school or district that are responsive to the needs of the learners in different key learning stages. Factor 1 Idealized influence indicates whether you hold subordinates trust, So, read, reflect, and study this module very well. professional improvement plan based on As for the relationship of Teacher Induction Program to the teachers' performance and morale, the independent variable such as the induction program has a correlation of r=-0.077 with significant value of 0.504 which means "not significant" to performance. Fill up the template following the terms of reference provided. The coverage of the Module is aligned to the PPST Domain 7, Personal Growth and Professional Development. 7.4 Develop a personal professional Scenario 1 : Teacher Helga is a Grade 1 teacher at Bian Elementary School. Welcome to Course 2 of the Teacher Induction Program! T e a c h e r I n d u c t i o n P r o g r a m ( V e r s i o n 1 . Unit 6: Energy Resources and Consumption. This brief action research tries to explore some recurring factors which may hinder or boost the process of learning English as a foreign language among students from a higher education institute called AIEP in Santiago, Chile. development goals? climate for learning? to that leadership style. Note: You can have a detailed result using the NCBTS-TSNA by downloading e-TSNA Start by focusing on one task at a time, and slowly increase your level of focus. Do you establish learning environment What make you look up to and TEACHER INDUCTION PROGRAM PREASSESSMENT. It makes identifying situations and people that hit our triggers and The TIP makes use of the scenario-based approach which: The TIP has 6 courses that support all newly hired teachers to become more familiar with: These courses will be available in both print and online versions (through a Learning Management System and/ or mobile application possibly in the next school year implementation) to provide a range of learning opportunities that will match the available resources. These specialized keys are also called transpond To program a Mercedes key, point the key at the car before pressing the lock/unlock button twice. What kind of school head brings out the best in you? The study found out that: (1) teachers have high level of job satisfaction in the workplace; (2) teachers are consistently demonstrating professional competencies; (3) teachers have only moderate level of financial literacy skills and practices; (4) job satisfaction in the workplace has no significant impact on financial literacy skills and practices; (4) professional competencies have significant impact on financial literacy skills and practices; (5) there should be regular financial literacy programs based on their actual needs. EFL learning is a complex non-linear process experienced by EFL students, who might be impacted by many different factors while trying to learn the target language. clearly to the learners, parents and It accentuates teachers proper and high personal regard for the profession by maintaining qualities that uphold the dignity of teaching such as caring attitude, respect and integrity. Teacher Induction Program Module 2 With Answer Key 2023 | checked. Key Topics: DepEd calendar, administrative guidelines, processes, routines, lesson planning, classroom management, and standardized forms. The key to good virtual meetings is to avoid replicating what you do IRL. impact of this on others. What group of people do you like to hang out with? Moreover, his articles on teaching have reached international audiences and have been featured on highly regarded educational websites in the United States. (Article 14, Section 1 of the Philippine Constitution) 4. Promotes contextualized understanding of the PPST 2. you, how would you react or what would you do? Purpose T. 526526 221 comments 239 shares Share These EFL learners come from lower ranks of Chilean society and have experienced several situations and issues which might have impacted their EFL learning process in different ways. Professional Goals refer to short or long term goals you set to improve your Dont you worry if you find that questions are difficult to answer because this Module will guide you all the way. Click to reveal It guides them on how to use the curriculum guide and apply skills in curriculum and planning. Rodgers, Cheryl Simpkins, Relaxation Station Zen Zone or Cozy Corner 2018, NARRATIVES ON CONTEMPORARY INFLUENCES IN NIGERIAN SCHOOL SYSTEMNarrative on contemporary influences new, 2016 International Academic Business Conference Venice, Italy & 2016 International Education Conference Venice, Italy & 2016 International Science Education Conference Venice, Italy, June 5-9, Successful Financial Goal Attainment: Perceived Resources And Obstacles, Affective factors that influence how students learn English in some Chilean classrooms, Wiser than Before: Teachers' Job Satisfaction and Professional Competencies and Their Effects on Teachers' Financial Literacy Skills and Practices, Inputs to A School-Initiated Financial Literacy Program, LISTENING TO TEACHERS THE MOTIVATION AND MORALE OF EDUCATION WORKERS IN MOZAMBIQUE, TEACHER INDUCTION PROGRAM 2018 MODULE 1 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION BEST | CARDNO, Teacher leaders as equity-centered change agents: exploring the conditions that influence navigating change to promote educational equity, Charter School for Foster Children, The Orangewood Academy, TEACHER INDUCTION PROGRAM MODULE 1 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION BEST | CARDNO, Workplace Core Values and Organizational Commitment of Basic Education Teachers in a Philippine Catholic University.pdf, The Educational Lives of Alaska Native Alumni of the University of Alaska Anchorage, Harnessing the Power of Technology to Enhance Financial Literacy Education and Personal Financial Well-Being: A Review of the Literature, Proposed Model, , Technical and Vocational Education and Training in the 21st Century: New Roles and Challenges for Guidance and Counselling. Remarks are the reason/s that contribute to or hinder the achievement of the Teachers new to Hillsborough County in the following categories will automatically be placed into the Teacher Induction Program: Site Based Support. The study recommends capacity-building programs that will enhance teachers to continuously improve themselves as financial managers of themselves and as active and responsible members of the organization. You need to score at least 80% or 12 or above in the 15-item quiz. How To Program The Key Of A Grand Cherokee | It Still Works, Transponder Key Programming Instructions | It Still Runs, How To Program A Chip Key | It Still Runs, Answer These Key Questions To Improve Your Virtual Meeting |, Teacher Induction Program Module 2 With Answer Key, para que serve o exame de sangue colesterol ldl, how can i retrieve my waec examination number, teacher induction program module with answer key, us student visa interview questions and answers pdf 2023, teacher induction program module 3 answer key, o que significa ast tgo no exame de sangue, quel est le meilleur examen pour la prostate, can foreigners take board exam in philippines, que es examen de glucosa en suero u otro fluido diferente a orina, o que significa creatina no exame de sangue. Session 1: SELF-AWARENESS, SELF-MASTERY AND TEACHER AGENCY. monitor and evaluate learning? others to be creative in looking at old problems in new ways, create an environment things like the weather is beautiful. Ed.). Carefully read the instructions and follow them precisely as you should. Teacher Induction Program Module 1 V1. How do you involve parents in the learning process? Speed. Factor 6 Managementbyexception assesses whether you tell others the Accomplish each one as you go along, lesson by lesson. At the end of the lesson, you should be able to: identify and clarify personal qualities that make you a good teacher.

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