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is john wehner still a pirate broadcasteris john wehner still a pirate broadcaster

The drive of these guys to try to win such an important ballgame." Until the day I got called up by the team, I never thought Id make it, he said. "It's funny, because I just saw Pete a week ago on the road," Brown said. The last two years, with KeBryan too, says Reynolds, I think it lays a good foundation of what the future could look like.. Brown recalls Miller interacting with the crowd at Rich Stadium. And some has come from ownerships refusal to spend money on the people who play in it: The As roster this year will make $56.8 million, last in the league by a good margin. WebThe Pittsburgh Pirates are members of Major League Baseball (MLB); they have employed sportscasters to provide play-by-play and color commentary during games broadcast Brown has great memories of his time working with the Bisons and broadcasting games alongside Pete Weber. "In 1990, WGR finally got the rights to broadcast Bills games and Brown and Weber continued to host the pre- and post-game shows. Time will tell as we approach the MLB trade deadline on July 31st and we see what teams make the right moves but for right now, Pirates fans are asking the question Why not us? like, are you out of your mind?" I was thinking how cool it would be, because in Chicago they raise a W on a flag over Wrigley Field when they win. So his story in itself is spectacular." Walk offers some genuine insight into the game, but his value comes more from his rapport with Greg Brown, with both having done this part of the job for the same amount of time. "I would stand in the back of the broadcast booth, and any time Mike or Steve needed anything at all, a drink of water, a Coke, a scoring decision, anything, I was at the ready. In 1997 he joined the Florida Marlins as a bench player, staying there for two seasons before rejoining the Pirates in 1999.[2]. For the next 10 seasons, Brown worked in the Pirates' sales, public relations, and broadcast departments. When asked about who the Steelers were going to take in the first round this year, Rock said he "couldn't care less" about the draft, that it is the most over-covered thing in sports and that overall, the heightened interest in it is "dumb. WebCraig is joined by current AT&T SportsNet Color Commentator and former Pirates Player, John Rock Wehner to talk about the Oneil Cruz Injury, the role(s) of coaches, letting players work through their issues and much more! "He started taking me on trips to Pittsburgh," Brown explained. The next day, Brown was called in to WGR program director Chuck Finney's office, for what he assumed would be a reprimand for shouting over Miller's call on the crucial play. It's guttural. John Paul Wehner (pronounced Waner) (born June 29, 1967 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) is an American former utility player in Major League Baseball (MLB) and a current broadcaster for the Pittsburgh Pirates. "His most memorable moment broadcasting Pirates games came courtesy of a former Bison. WebThe 2023 Pittsburgh Pirates season will be the franchise's 142nd season overall, 137th season as a member of the National League, and 23rd season at PNC Park.Before the season, Andrew McCutchen came back to the team via free agency. Brown remembered the game and the improbable final inning even though he wasn't actually in attendance. The Pirates picked up his $14.75 million 2018 option and then traded him to the Giants, continuing a grim franchise pattern but at least netting a building block in Reynolds. Derek Dietrich has as many home runs in the last three games against Pittsburgh as Wehner had in his entire 11-year Major League career. But it made it an easy transition." On many nights we would outdraw Pittsburgh. Because of injury he went back and forth between the major and minor leagues before being picked up by the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1996. He's just such a brilliant person. There's something different about his fastball this year than last year because last year it seemed like every batter swung and missed at two of his fastballs and this year they're not," said Wehner. "As of right now I like the Pirates chances better than the Chicago Cubs," Wehner said. Brown told what happened as he listened to the tape: "It's a Cincinnati Reds game with Marty Brennaman and Joe Nuxhall calling a playoff game and somehow they win it on a walk-off home run. And he was right I tell people that I went the opposite direction. Not a bad idea. More recently, the Pirates had one of my personal favorites, Tim Neverett, who served for a comparatively brief term, being with the Bucs between 2009 and 2015 before departing for the Boston Red Sox. Its the voice we hear over the radio or over the television, offering play-by-play or anecdotes. In addition to game coverage, AT&T SportsNet will air exclusive Pirates programming prior to the start of the season, including new editions of Inside Pirates Baseball. "As he spoke about his time with the Herd, memories of interacting with some of the Bisons' stars from that era began flooding back to him. John Joseph Block (born March 1, 1978) is a radio and TV play-by-play announcer who calls games for the Pittsburgh Pirates on AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh and KDKA-FM, joining the team in 2016 after 4 years with the Milwaukee Brewers. WebJohn Paul Wehner (pronounced "Way-ner") (born June 29, 1967) is an American former utility player in Major League Baseball (MLB) and a current broadcaster for the Pittsburgh Pirates. I stunned him. Yet Reynolds deal answers one question effusively and perhaps signals better, sustainable times ahead. But he was also an engaging personality. Starter Mitch Keller is nearing the ace status the club once envisioned for him, and will have two more years of control after this one. These are my subjective opinions about the broadcast team, but I would be interested in hearing what the fanbase outside of me thinks. Boston is No. I did morning drive sports news. And in a climate where mid-market teams must create gems out of struggling arms, the Pirates pitching operation may have a significant success story. He spent 10 years with the Pirates as a player, and then after promptly moving into the booth, he will be in his 27th season behind a mic. Longtime Pirates broadcaster spent five years in Pilot Field booth, Minor League Baseball trademarks and copyrights are the property of Minor League Baseball. In what would have been the last week of his career in 2000, the Pirates three third basemen were injured and he was once again called up to the major leagues. "Lanny (Frattare) always told me if I wanted to become a major league announcer I had to get experience in the minor leagues. He grew up in a bad part of Pittsburgh. "Those are my four guys that probably did it for me more than anybody." Van would actually go up on the desk and he'd be reaching down and start high fiving people. They'd know that the Pirates had won the game the night before." [2] He played every position except pitcher at least 3 times. His nickname is "Rock". PITTSBURGH (93-7 The Fan) -- As we enter the July 4th weekend, the Pittsburgh Pirates still find themselves in a chase for the division, just four games behind the front-running Milwaukee Brewers. You think about his rsum. Yet you dont have to squint too hard to see a core forming. Its kind of an amazing, long, hard road, he said. After the Bills fell behind 35-3 to Houston, many fans headed for the exits. In '90, '91, '92, they won the division, so they were drawing well then. Without question." The game will be broadcast on the Pirates Flagship radio station 93.7 The Fan and across the 38-station Pirates Radio Network. It makes for a potent offense considering the Pirates rank second in the NL with a .343 on-base percentage meaning dozens of those walks and singles have essentially been converted to doubles. Wehner doesn't expect that the Brewers can hold on, and both the Cardinals and Cubs have injury issues. For some, it will also bother them. I'm not sure what they do, I guess it depends on his play. To Brown's surprise, Finney said, 'Let me let you listen to something." The bad news is you're not the parrot, the good news is you're the backup Pirate Parrot, and you're going to intern for us this summer. "I was offered the sports director's job going into the winter of 1988. They were getting younger and they were bringing up a lot of the minor leaguers. Brown said. 1 New York, No. WebFormer Pirate and current color commentator John Wehner joined Seibel, Starkey and Miller on SportsRadio 93-7 The FAN as the team looks to end their current losing streak. I would run down the steps, find out what they needed, run back up, like a runner." And I said 'Well, I guess it's not very good because the color analyst' And he said 'Exact opposite. "I was doing sportscasts. "We were really ahead of our time, because we had wireless. "He was from Cincinnati," Brown said of Finney. Harold Arlin became the nation's first baseball broadcaster when he called the play-by-play of the Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Philadelphia Phillies game from Forbes Field on August 5, 1921 for Pittsburgh radio station KDKA. Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. It was one of those moments. I thought that would be easier to say." Home News Random Article Install Wikiwand Send a suggestion Uninstall Wikiwand We would be doing a three-hour pre-game. "One day he said to me 'Be ready kid, next week I'm not going to do 18 innings of that doubleheader against the Mets.' A Pittsburgh native and graduate of Carrick High School, Wehner was drafted out of Indiana University by the Pirates in the 7th round of the 1988 MLB draft and made his MLB debut on July 17, 1991. WebJohn Wehner Salary. With impeccable timing: The Pirates 82% success rate reflects a sound exploitation of the larger bases and the limit on disengagements from the pitching rubber. Wehner, the last person to hit a home run at Three Rivers Stadium, spoke at a private event Friday sponsored by Somerset Trust Co. at the Somerset Country Club. For the complete Pirates Spring Training broadcast schedule please visit The first televised game on Tuesday as well as the Friday night broadcast will include a full 30-minute Pregame show and Postgame show with AT&T SportsNet broadcasters, analysts and interviews. He says many of his friends growing up are either dead or in jail. "I remember being in the bullpen, I think in Columbus. Lange meant that Brown would finally get a chance to call his first big league game. In 11 seasons in MLB, Wehner compiled a .249 batting average with four home runs and 54 RBI in 461 games. WebJohn Wehner Like Walk, Wehner also spent time as a player in Pittsburgh. "There were many aspects of being in Buffalo that made Brown feel like he was still in the majors. Most times you go from the minors to the majors. He has an incredible personality. Unlike Walk, he didnt provide much to write home about as a player, registering a -1.4 WAR over his nine years in black and gold. But speed never does. Its so cool and getting to know him, not only is he a great baseball player, but hes also a great teammate, an awesome dude. He's dynamic. I didn't really know what he meant." Growing up, Brown often listened to Mylo Hamilton and Lanny Frattare call Pirates games on the radio. Pittsburgh is such a great sports town, says Bednar, who spent his college years on the Wawa side of Pennsylvania before San Diego drafted him in the 35th round out of Lafayette College in 2016. The comeback game. He stopped the tape and said 'What do you think of that call?' He made it so much fun. '"While he was working as color analyst for the Bisons, Brown was also hosting sports talk shows on WGR. Greg Brown, Joe Block, Bob Walk and John Wehner will return to call the action throughout the 2021 season. 2023 Audacy, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The experience of calling a big league game only enhanced Brown's desire to join the booth.He also had a foot in another broadcasting door at the time. Then for the next week doing sports talk just rehashing the game." Going back to high school, and when the Buctober stuff started, its cool playing with Cutch, because thats where it really started. But safety Matt Darby intercepted Aikman at the goal line with just 12 seconds remaining to seal a Bills victory. Johan Oviedos rough start seals Pirates loss to Nationals 7-2, Bucs Arghticles: Pirates wrap up historic April. At one point the fledgling cable company was looking to hire a play-by-play and a color guy, and our president at the time, Malcom Prine, asked me to spearhead the guys who were coming in to try out for the play-by-play and color analyst." Here is a compilation of some of Browns greatest calls, which includes notable Pirates moments, such as Andrew McCutchens walk-off home run to beat the St. Louis Cardinals in the bottom of the 14th inning on July 11, 2015, the penultimate game before the All-Star Break. 2020 will be/would have been Blocks fifth season with the team, but he still hasnt quite endeared himself to fans. So do understand if Reynolds has to steady himself these days. John Wehner, a current broadcaster and long-tenured member of the Pittsburgh Pirates organization, has seen just about everything, but even he couldnt prepare for a season like 2020. WebJohn Wehner, a current broadcaster and long-tenured member of the Pittsburgh Pirates organization, has seen just about everything, but even he couldnt prepare for a season The somewhat errant throw is fielded in Jeter-esque style by Justin Morneau and then relayed to Russell Martin at home, who then tags out Nate Schierholtz. Bob Prince before him had 'We had 'em all the way!' So that's where I fell in love with the Pirates." Pirates Preview: Can Oviedo & Bucs maintain momentum and earn the sweep? Perhaps the most notable thing worth mentioning from the Brown compilation is the sheer (and true) joy and excitement he experiences during the Bucs biggest moments a trait that has endeared him to many Pirate fans. One of those 14 games will be the lone night game at LECOM on Friday, March 19, as the Club hosts the Orioles at 6:05 p.m. They will attempt to improve on their 62100 record from last year, make the playoffs for the first time since Yeah! He continued, "I remember catching Tim Wakefield. The way that the Riches treated me. David Bednar was born in Pittsburgh and was a Mars Area High School senior when the Pirates broke a two-decade playoff drought and advanced to the 2013 NL Division Series. Beyond surreal, says Bednar, who leads the majors with nine saves and has given up one earned run in 13 innings. And he said 'Get on the mound in the bullpen' and I remember him catching me. Finally, there are some signs of permanence. 6 San Francisco still in the playoffs. This United States biographical article related to radio is a stub. Something I like about Block is that he tries to take somewhat of an analytical approach to the game, often citing certain statistics. Problems for a few former Pirates. He had a smile on his face. Mike Billoni (vice president/general manager of the Bisons at the time), I think Bucz (Mike Buczkowski, who was Bisons public relations manager at the time and is currently president, Rich Baseball Operations and vice president and general manager of the Bisons), and John Dandes (who was vice president/general manager of stadium services at the time) might have also come down to see the parent club and how they were operating," Brown said. For 11 years as a player, nine with the Pirates, and 15 as one of the Bucs '"The internship led to many other opportunities with the ballclub. They talked about the broadcast spot, and he told Walk he was interested. I dont know how the rest of the fanbase feels about Wehner I dont keep my finger on the pulse in that regard, but I think he is nothing short of bad. 2023 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. I still have faith in those four guys (Vazquez, Kela, Crick, Rodriguez) they've had a couple hiccups and as a reliever it's easy to have some bad luck. The spring schedule will begin with the Pirates traveling to Sarasota on Sunday, February 28, to take on the Baltimore Orioles at 1:05 p.m. The Pittsburgh Pirates have a history of noteworthy broadcasters, like Bob Prince, The Gunner, who was active with the Pirates for a 28-year stretch that included two World Series wins. "So, fast forward to like 1999, and Bob Walk, my color analyst and my friend, kept urging me to have some finishing signature call like so many other announcers have.

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