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How to Start a Project Management Career with Zero Experience

Are you thinking about taking a leap and jumping into a project management career? The Project Management Institute indicates that by 2027, there’ll be a need of filling more than 87.7 million PMP roles, which means businesses will be continuously opening the floor for so many project manager roles! The demand is there, and so are the opportunities, but there’s only one thing you need to make that happen and it is – knowing where to start.

Getting your first project management role can be difficult and challenging, especially if you have no prior experience in this field. Not only are you competing against others who have years of experience under their belt, often your first opportunity might be for a junior level position (or even entry level). This could deter you from taking the leap and making the decision to change careers.

But whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to make a move within your current industry, it’s possible to get into project management without any prior experience. Let me show you how. From my experience, it has truly been a rewarding and lucrative path. One that I continue to invest in, and learn everything I can about the best project management practices.
How did my journey in project management start?

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