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Agile leadership is the key to self-organization

Team self-organization is a powerful force that can foster innovation and motivate team members to do great things. The idea is simple: let the people closest to the customer, those with the greatest insight into customer needs, make the decisions about what they deliver and how they deliver it. Yet many organizations struggle with putting self-organization into practice, drifting into chaos caused by lack of direction, ambiguous empowerment, and authority without accountability. What is often lacking is effective leadership. It is ironic that a self-organizing team needs outside help to truly be effective, but this is why organizations often get self-organization wrong: they think that all they need to do is free a team from constraints and let them go. The reality is that we all thrive under constraints, provided they are the right constraints. Just as unlimited budget leads to waste and excess, total freedom leads to anarchy and discord. Teams need help to self-organize, and constraints in the right places, and that’s where agile leadership plays an essential role.- Self-organizing teams need help getting started- Self-organizing teams need permission to change, and protection- Self-organizing teams need structure- Self-organizing teams need the right culture and values- Self-organizing teams need discipline- Self-organizing teams need continual support and encouragement…/agile-leadership-is-the-key…/

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