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Nice to hear from you. Just a qwik qweery (my daughter is out this evenin an Im baby sittinso privit time on the computer, eh?) Good to have found this site. Annyway back to Patricia (and her Ma), they worshipped Grouts and in my stores upstairs I ave loads oGrouts stuff and the 60s lectric Singer sewing machine kept ready an oiled like for my grandaughter (6) and er new baby sister comin October. It was a black moment for Palmers Green as the bodies of the dead & injured were laid out on the pavement. Mr. Pratt was very critical of my dovetail jointing but roped me in scenery building for the annual Gilbert and Sullivan Operas as did Miss Green, Art, for paintings. Why not add your memory today and become part of our And another question on the same side as the H&C but further towards Winchmore Hill opposite a photographers, there was a Jaguar garage. These Bus lines stop near Morrisons: 102, 121, 329, 34, W6. Ive only just found your comment. If I remember correctly you used to play the piano, Michelle I started Hazelwood in January 1964. Thanks again. It was quite good really if you wanted a weatherproof coat and were prepared to go in! Did you have a brother named Terry Hicks. The archive can be found at bbc.co.uk/ww2peopleswar. Does anyone happen to know? Dinky toys and we once had a red motor bike (brand new) for sale. I remember that day vividly as, just as the tv was made to work, on the screen we were just in time to see the Boat Race with Oxford sinking up to their waists in water. In the meantime, here are some memories of Palmers Greenfrom other sites. Steak Chips and peas 2/6p and the included bread and butter, Socks, vests, liberty bodices(!) You might remember the Saturday boy who wrote the window tickets and went on to be a successful photographer in the eighties. now. Me Life isnt all about the big Bruno would leave the bar at 9.30pm each night, snooker cue in hand and walk to the Cock Tavern for several beers & a few games of snooker. As previous I lived in the Larches from 1938 at no 64. Before marrying my first wife I too lived in Muswell Hill then Palmerston Road before buying a flat in Woodberry Avenue. Obviously at that time, there werent many shops selling fresh coffee let alone grinding it on the premises. We were entranced by the trendy clothes and selection of jazzy tights. Singing Tom used to give me all the flower heads to play with. Hi Gerry, I,m not sure but you could well be right as I do not remember any other type of restaurant there, Regards Brian. Hi Sylvia, in the P.Green archives somewhere there is a report that on the night of March 15th 1941 the Princes Dance Hall (corner of Princes Ave) was packed with young couples. When the V1 flying bomb attacks on London began in the summer of 1944 I Again has anyone any info on Bruno? Here in Cornwall too warm and damp this week for me as a farmer. I remember the coffee shop in the 1960s as a child. Yore Dad probably employed my Dad (as a freelance) their musical doins seems to ave run parallels. Doc Meldrum had a most interesting signature it resembled WWWWWWWW Richard Franklin. The Hargreaves family were originally from Huddersfield, where father James Hargreaves established his business first as a commercial traveller and ultimately as a wool manufacturer. Cullens sold loose biscuits from large tins and lots of different dried fruits and unpacked ingredients that could be bought in any quantities and were then bagged in paper bags. However, local schools do still use Arnos Grove, Southgate, Edmonton Green pools etc. Ooooh now youve switched a bright light on.The Pilgrims Rest what a gem. Sylvia & Pennie have jogged my memory of Doms cafe in Palmers Green. One was called the UK tea company. I then started my apprenticeship at Kenning Car Mart at the Triangle behind Woolworths. John. Just found this by chance and been reading some of the comments as I grew up near this area. Patricia loved the picturesbut for me the sing along organ player at Capitol Winchmor ill.. why did we did disagree occasion like.ladies may comment, no rush. The name Bezazz brings back happy memories of the late 50s and early 60s. Does any one remember the fever hospital in this rd? Im doing some research on my family who lived in Tottenhall Road where teenagers and young adults hung out. It was called Briggs and there was another branch down at Wood Green. Served by waitresses in smart black dresses with white aprons and little frilly hats. New River Crescent was bisected at the foot of Park Avenue. G lenda Jackson met Stevie Smith on a poetry-reading platform in the 1960s, when the poet from Palmers Green came into a late-blossoming fame. You will also find memories from contributors below, and across other pages on the website, where a post has maybe triggered a memory or two, http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/ww2peopleswar/stories/16/a2115316.shtml. I remember the shop well.think it was called Cullens. I was Yvonne Farmer and our form teacher was Mrs Phair. Hi Raymond, It was Sid Ran your uncle that I remember as a friend of my father, I believe I as at that party you mention but cannot recall the present I received but it may have been a small accordion. We lived just at the top of Sidney Avenue in Palmerston Road and I remember crouching under the kitchen table as a very small girl with my mother and my brother and I can still recall the sound of the planes going overhead and the gun fire. After the war he ran various bands Bert Harts band any combination. I suppose those of us `of a certain age` have lots of war memories stored away. 10 X MEN'S PALMER'S UNDERWEAR SHORTS BOXERS BRIEFS SIZE S-XL. 1955-1957. List of teachers at Hazelwood school 1960s, Miss Hughes, Mrs Jones, Mrs Lee, Mrs Dark. I will appreciate any directions you could give. There was no bomb site where the garage was. Most of the sites stayed flattened for many years afterwards some right up to the 60s. Memories Community Website Terms of Service Contact UsRegularLabs.EmailProtector.unCloak("ep_81d610ff", true); Switch to Mobile Version, Palmers Green Town Centre Improvement Project 2012: Survey responses, Friends of the Lakes Estate Conservation Area, captured on film at the opening ceremony in this footage, When nearly 3 million emergency food parcels are needed, it's time to Guarantee our Essentials, Government rejects London Assembly call for devolution of suburban rail services, Council proposing new active travel route through Palmers Green, Come to the aid of Enfield's special vineyard. Lovely caf. OK sorry Lorna, but just thought the name being similar and all that. Did I swap it or sell at a profit. I remember the tremendous explosion and my father tying the washing up bowl over his head with a towel and running down Sidney Avenue to help. and had a Saturday job in Grouts!!!! Magic for post-war Palmers Green teenagers. I also remember going to the Intimate Theatre with my mother every Tuesday evening. Palmers Green, United Kingdom One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, London is a travellers delight. The ford zepher was back in the 60s it would have been the 70s in PG. Worked at Burtons in palmers green for most of the. There were two blokes in the back workshop mending bikes and preparing new ones. with various junction improvements. And of course, it gave its name to Fox Lane. We dashed under our iron table which was a kind of indoor shelter. Scores were listed and published on my Dads old Barlock Typewriter. Can u help??!! Hi Normathese Palmers Green Memories are great, eh? Footnote: Dad an is fellow freelances performed under aliasis to avoid problems with HMCRC.why else am I cultivatin a full Santa Claus beard5 months to go! In 1860 Frith began supplying photos to retailers. I remember the Ford Zephyr. The surgery was in a big detached house with a lovely garden round it & you walked through a long pergola covered in flowers to get to the house. The lanes extend as far south as the A406. The manager in the 60s was Keith Small, very nice man who had a daughter Jacqueline. Annyway Mike Ovenden was our form springboard expert at both Barrowell and Arnos Grovetho I seem to remember that Jackie Brown at the Pool was overall open diving champion. I also went to Bowes Road School but only from 1952 to 1953 in the infants. Can you help? Do you remember the Toy shop opposite too? Share this forum post flexible offerings for business. The headmistress was Miss Belfontaine. For the coronation, we all went to the Ritz not on the day itself to see it on the big screen. All in advance of any actual details. Which barbers do you mean? I still as the familly piano bungin up my front room, opin the latist sprog will unravvell its potential. I assume there was no ammunition in the house, though! on Improbably famous in Palmers Green #5: Jack Hargreaves, on Intimate demolition plans: Just a minute says Nicholas Parsons, The twentieth century and urban life in literature, Palmers Green Baptist Church, Green Lanes, Palmers Green United Reformed Church, Fox Lane/Burford Gardens, St Georges Presbyterian Church, Fox Lane / St Georges Road (demolished), Palmers Green and Southgate Synagogue, Brownlow Road, Palmers Green Mosque and Education Centre, Oakthorpe Road, Local dignatories, bigwigs and characters, Improbably famous in Palmers Green #5: Jack Hargreaves, Intimate demolition plans: Just a minute says Nicholas Parsons, http://www.palmersgreenn13.com/2015/11/03/every-street-in-palmers-green-5-ladies-and-gentlemen-live-from-palmers-green/, For more about the Intimates heady days of stage and screen, see. I grew up in Palmers green Further up from Ashwells towards Devonshire Rd.was a beautiful shop selling china and glass.This was close to the shop with the heavy coffee smella quite small shop which was probably next door to the 2nd. Now Mr Shepherd, Im afraid that a majority were not keen,malthough you must speak as you find. Also went to Hazelwood Lane school then to Winchmore school previously. During May 2019, the train service was disrupted due to platform works at Stevenage. or Best Offer. But if it is the right Colin Fisher, I do not yet know. 1. Southgate County School organised its annual swimming gala there whilst I was at the school from 1948-53, under the leadership of Mr. Reg Pratt, the handicrafts master. Anyone remember him? Wonderful. I couldn't remember the name of the cinema, but it was on Green Lanes, near The Triangle on the east side. I went there with my sister and her friends I think the Small Faces were signing autographs ? I was living there from 1948 - 1956 (4 years old till 12 ). Geno Washington once played there. Once purchased the items would be carefully wrapped in brown paper and tied with string before the exciting moment (for me anyway) of paying. I wasnt as lucky as you & never actually ate at Doms though, but if I was very good my treat was the ice cream and I still have a sweet tooth to this day. By 1908, when they had their first son Ronald, later an eminent doctor, they were living in Eaton Park Road but by 1911 they had set up home at 48 Fox Lane. For the streets to have virtually no cars? Was sad to see it go. The sound of a siren still turns my stomach over to this day. Hi David, I think I remember you from Winchmore. I was Jean cook then with a brother Brian l remember the bombing of the dance hall between princes avenue and Tottenhall rd and the trolly bus wires catching fire and my friend Louise loosing a leg l remember Doreen young and Gary spicer.also the smell of Mac fisherys shop. Best teacher was the top class with Mr Smith. Im impressed. I know Pete and Bill Starling locally, not related though. Firs Farm Recreation Ground, Firs Lane, N13 1960-1961: Ground: Hazelwood Sports Ground, Madeira Road, Palmers Green, N13: Ground 2: Tottenhall Sports Ground, Palmers Green: He suspected everyone under the age of 18 of being a shoplifter. I especially appreciate the care and teaching some of us received as St John Ambulance cadets. Share by email. Good times eh Dad?. She bought all her underwear from there. However, you might ave missed as Waitrose now sez ere in Cornywall.Hazelwood Lane an the Pilgrims Rest (maitred, a Swiss gentlemanlater to command The Cherry Tree on Southgate Green) tho never done it better than Pilgrims in my an my Patricias opinionOther Cafes in Lunnon Town.. Savoy, Carlton Towers, The White House, Tante Clair etc..an them Cafes in Bray, Berks, dont make it in my list but that MacDonalds (you know, the one just across the road from Valencia (Espagne?) I remember Tom I worked opposite him at Triangle Cars for 5 years in th 60s . My grandmother moved to Halifax in 1919 and remarried. Spent a few happy days with him and also his parents at their house up by the new river. St. Clements Press. Remembered the lift in Evans & Davies, Grouts, Courts, Bishops (supermarket), Stephen Gracey estate agents, A Legg & Sons hardware (now Occasional Half pub), Bakers Oven, Tesco (supermarket and a smal local one between Kelvin and Melbourne Aves). Hi Jenny, slightly different location, a bomb did fall near the intersection of Green Lanes & Bowes Rd/N.C.Rd opposite Princes Ave. People were killed and the site was eventually leased by two brothers and used a a used car lot space called Keith Cars until the late 70s. We met at Bowes Road School Tuesday evenings and learnt first aid, home nursing, drill, lots of things. It is worth a lot but no longer needed. I started at Hazelwood in 1963 too and l also live in Singapore. I used to go out with a boy who lived along The Larches, (number 92), in the 1960s. Hi Jenny, I took a photo of these homes about this time (1966) before the fire for a school photo project on old buildings I believe they were called Skinners Alms Houses. So a fuss over nothing. All will be revealed on Google Street View. Everett was the first black lad in our school in the mid 50s. Life was never the same again. I was born 1935 in Clapton E. Clapton Mothers Home, but my Mum was born in 1917, er Mum born in St. Pancras Workhouse (next to St. Pancras Station Lunnon) of them days.,Mum went to skool in Islington of very poor (financial m,barrased) parents (both boxmakers on the premises)annyway er memories included bein sent from er classroom in Islington with a friend as escort on the tram to Ulleswater Road, Palmers Green, becos er teacher ad left certain documents behind (or wassit sanwiches (any teacher memories ere?). Miss Gibbs. Apparitions were seen and there was some poltergeist activity mainly at night with loud bangs downstairs. These chairs had the smallest seats Ive ever seen and I often thought it was a miracle that my Gran ever managed to perch on one. I met him later as a tenant in one of his many properties and worked for him for a short while in the 90s. The 70 volunteers in only one group working towards a Better Palmers Green is really, really impressive. Life is very different now and this great website has brought back lots of lovely memories for me. WebPalmers Green Station (D) is 158 meters away, 3 min walk. Annyone remember that great Destroyer model opposite the counter in J&As, is it still cutttin the seas in defence of our Realm? Ive lived here all my life (born 45) but dont remember that or Keiths being a bomb site. One of us is going mad!! Dr Baxter used some of the rooms for his surgery and, I would imagine, must have lived there in the rest of the house. It was called something like The Rubber Mac shop!!!! it was victor value supermarket first then tescos. Best regards, Nick Hurst. I recall watching with amazement whilst waiting as the barber lit a candle and singed older mens hair, hoping desperately he would not set light to m,e when my turn came! I was at Hazelwood school in the 1960s. I lived in Tottenham rd during the war and remember being wrapped in a tartan rug and carried out side by my dad who was an air raid warden to see. Can anyone help? Search for Motorcycle Repairs & Services and other automotive services near you on Yell.com. We lived in North London on the boundary of Palmers Green, N13 and Southgate, N14. Conway park and blagdens lane were my playground when the old rubbish dump was behind the stables a goldmine of wartime and Victorian memorabilia. The smell of freshly ground coffee from the Home and Colonial grocers at top of the High Street. By the way I went to Winchmore Secondary Modern in the days when Mr. Shepherd was headmaster I liked him a lot the naughty kids called him the beak but he was a nice man. Search over 400,000 listed places Overview Official List Entry Comments and Photos Previous Overview Next Comments and Photos To supplement income he was a musician from 1926. If this has sparked a memory, why not share it here? Existing expenditure on maintaining these building is costly and will continue to be in thefuture. [9] The song's lyrics were written by Lewie's friend Keef Trouble, a fellow member of Brett Marvin and the Thunderbolts. Of course, the Intimate already has a legacy, and was successfully nominated for Enfield Councils Local Heritage List two years ago. It will take only a few minutes of your time and we'd like to hear your feedback. I bet virtually nobody has one of these fictitious Swiss bank accounts etiher. In 2018 I interviewed the then manager of Forty Hall Farm for a The news about the vineyard's problems reminded me of a couple of things that Kate McGeevor told me. 6% was Indian and 5% of 'any other ethnic group'. My mum had a job doing tailoring above Burtons and in school holidays I had to go in with her some days. Can anyone help?my partner is looking for his father.his fathers name is trevor george burgess and the only info we have is trevors mother lived on princes ave palmers green.if anybody knows of the above person and can help my partner find his dad please contact me on 07986272734.thankyou for reading x. I think it was late 50s . I lived in New River Crescent. For Palmers Green to have a department store, two cinemas and no betting shops or nail bars? I started at Hazelwood school infants in 1965 and I remember the head Mrs Hughes in my first year. OM G how I hated Grouts, I was marched in there twice a year by my mother to buy the navy knickers, beige brown high woollen socks and worst of all the liberty bodices with their horrible rubber buttonsall of which had to be worn to school until the end of May..despite a heat wave .I m shuddering to think of that shop and the humiliation it brought to me at Hazelwood Primary School. Probably some of my first photographs were taken there. In 1967 I became the signalman there. Yes I remember Miss Hughes, she was the head of Hazelwood Primary around 1946 when I started. Ma used to send me there up Hedge Lane in the school olidays with a shillin for my lunch (includin tip)I remembers the custard. Our dentist was Mr Finkel and I remember a story about a wall falling down by his house and squashing someone! WebPalmer Green Estates, in Palmer, MA, is an affordable community designed with families and seniors in mind. The other memory was of the caf Doms (Dave Todd 1/7/14) where they sold really delicious ice cream too! My father, Bert Hart, worked for Allen & Appleyard making furniture. Mr and Mrs Glossop were a very jolly couple always ready to share a yarn. I remember being in your house when she visited them. I can say that Victor enjoyed every minute of every day. I remember the big round plastic tomatoes containing tomato sauce. I can still remember how I felt when I saw it. And it seems that so too will our old Intimate. Please help! Opposite were the cottage gates where Italian Prisoners of War sold the plaitings of straw for pocket money. This was back in the early 60s. It is no longer a repertory theatre and the building is no longer used exclusively for theatrical performances, but it is still often referred to as the Intimate Theatre. I owe so much to your father who be came friends with my father and would meet for a drink in the COCK TAVERN. I was just 15 and left school to become the first employee your father Aubrey gave me my first job and I never looked back and went on to become a photographer in the RAF as national service was compulsory at 18 after I joined a Photo retail shop in Turnpike lane named A M DAVIS after I started my own career in Muswell Hill N10 Then went on to open 7 more shops before starting a Franchise called FOTOVALUE with over 1000 outlets throughout Europe allowing the owners to retain their own name with just banners to say the where part of Fotovalue. Hospital. Train Station (not the new International Train Hestacion) (tho the coffee an croissants is worth a go ere (ambience etc)) Soits between Palmers Green Pilgrims (overalls, ambience) etc., Valencia, McDonalds (frys) and Sgt Craven (Army Caterin Corps) attached Rifle Brigade (Winchester)Savoury Mincenow for Lamb Chops a la Remoska at Colebrook Cornywall. After the Quick Service Cafe Bruno in 1967 moved 100mts to the corner of Princes Ave/Green Lanes & opened a coffee bar called The Bezazz Bar.Juke box, two pin ball machines, served tea/coffee/& light snacks.Spent most of my teenage years using this coffee bar as a meeting place to ponder over a two hour cup of coffee to decide what our next move would be!! I remember J&As when the windows were boarded, just a square foot to stare in. How everyone stayed so skinny in those days I have no idea! My understanding is that the building was originally built as a roller-skating rink, and then became a garage of sorts with just a few pumps virtually on the pavement. Time to create page: 0.262 seconds Powered byKunena Latest forum posts 60 years old and still looking good! They were great times at that school but I then left at 11 to go to Ambrose Fleming Technical Grammar School for boys, what an awful place, hated every minute and left at 15. I used to have a paper round in the paper shop top of hedge lane and green lanes in 1963 I got fifteen Bob a week Mr pogson was the proprietor does any body remember him. Can someone confirm the existence of a Tesco store in Palmers Green at this time? The money offered was flushed along and up to the cashier in the small glass fronted cash office, high up. Stories about the community, its history and people? I have edited this comment because what it says was of a personal nature and could cause offence. I believe some time in the 80s Doms was sold but the new owner had the good foresite to retain the classic Doms signage, but not the good foresite to retain the ice cream servery!. I went back to PG last year for a look around and was amazed at all the cars parked in my old road, Lynbridge Grdns as when I lived there there were none. Little did we know when we saw Shirley Bassey at her first performance, that she would go on to become such a great star. Gerry Hicks, Hi. I have some letters xx, Hi Bamboo cane area dividers, Italian shiny coffee machines and music.. Sometime around 1960 (when my father was around 15) the contact stopped. See the Okay Pennie. The owners were brother and sister Dominic & Anna both born in Italy who arrived in England after the second world war,they were very hard working & organised, so much so they only lived 200 yards opposite in Tottenhall Rd. Hello Brian, Im so glad you remember Dr Baxter. Search for your favourite places and look for the 'Add Your Memory' buttons to begin. Yes, very tall, Scottish doctor with elderly receptionist and very noisy gas fire. Anne Poole (nee Searson), This memory is written about Hello Jenny, Clowes Sports Ground, Barrowell Green, London N21 1961-2016- Satellite Ground. Your change would come whizzing back in the rather splendid looking canisters. St Monicas, who own the site, first made a successful planning application to replace the theatre (also known as the Large Hall) with a single story parish centre in 1992. Later, they raised us four kids in York Road. I cannot believe Miss Hughes was still there in 1960s. After the dentist located at the Triangle mum would take me across to Lyons tea house, Download this free history of the Collection. Brody & HICKS camera shop was started by me Gerry Hicks Im now retitred living in Cockfosters. Going back a bit who used to run up Fox Lane, stand on the bridge and wait to be covered in steam from the trains . Between Windsor Road and Park Avenue was a greengrocers called Burkes, there were 2 Janes and Adams shops, the toy shop already mentioned, plus 2 doors from that there was the electrical shop an old sign saying Ultra Radio was still up on the front at the first floor (last time I looked). ..annyway the day come in 46 for the first consignment of Dinky Toys on sale at J&AI got there late in the queue and only the hEmplacement Coastal Gun was leftbought it but should .ave kept itin its box what price now? The A111 through Southgate gives access to the M25 motorway at junction 24. I have fond memories of Palmers Green, as I worked at the station from aged 15 in 1963 till 1968. Dordrecht, Netherlands I remember going there with my Grandmother in the 40s/50s. I do remember though looking at one of those planes that were bombs without pilots (forgot what they were called could it be doodle bug) with my dad and its engine stopped right over head. Dad was in the ARP with your uncle, I have been trying to find some photos of the ARP at Palmers Green but as yet not successful. Yes..most definitely, I have a memory of a house flattened at the bottom of Park Avenue near to NRC. I seem to remember it being a Vauxhall dealer then a Volvo garage (?Triangle motors), in the 80s & 90s. I have found on the website for Enfield Sports that the swimming pool was closed in 1979 it was probably too old to justify renovation and the annual maintenance costs pity, we had most enjoyable swimming afternoons there. No I cannot remember the name of the garage and can barely remember the garage let alone that it was selling Jags. Hello Brian, thank goodness Im not losing the plot! Seiferts (e the owner of the Studebaker Car and Parker Pen (2/6d for cesstificats after the War) practice. We lived in Osborne Road (1955 ) but then moved to Old Park Road just over 10 years later where we stayed until the late 70s. Recall Mrs Potts and Mrs Langford and Miss Buchanon (whom I disliked nasty old bat). Back to the New River, us 4 from 3b Southgate County met on Sundays in Geoffs Grannys House, Riverway and mounting to her Summer House Roof Platform at the end of her garden invented the game of Catchreeling, making our apparatus from cotton reels and cottons supplied by Granny the object was to cast as fly fishing to snare the bundles of cut grasses that seasonally the New River Authority trimmed from the banks. Residing in Florida but will be returning to the UK some time early next year and looking forward to checking out the old haunts. fondly recall a Cafe/restaurant upstairs some shop it was opposite one of the cinemas, Special treat of afternoon tea at Pritchards, next door to Evans and Davies. I could go on and on reallybut one last one for now the Box o Chicken next to Martins the newsagentand I remember that bloke in Martins, youre right he did look like Reg Varney!! Mildred E. Barry appointed to East Orange Also the lady who sold us orange flavoured ice cubes for 1 penny . My earliest memories of the site are from WW2 when, as a youngster in a pushchair I saw an aircraft being wheeled out of the building which stood there. The only place Ive ever found an equivalent to Doms, is in the home of ice cream, Italy and thats a long way to go for a cornet!!! It wasnt the Home & Colonial that was a few shops further up, I will ask around about the name but ohhh!! In 1914 he was commissioned into the Middlesex Regiment as a 2nd Lieutenant and was killed on 1st July 1916 at the Somme. Does anyone remember Victor Value supermarket in Wood Green it was not far from the Civic center and before myddleton road. !.thank you for jogging my memory. Er, Dave, surely The Bezazz opened nearer 1957 than 1967 frothy coffee and all that. Palmers Green is a suburban area and electoral ward in North London, England, within the London Borough of Enfield. Broomfield House, in Broomfield Park, remains a burnt-out shell despite numerous redevelopment proposals and an appearance on the BBC2 programme Restoration.

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